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Garage Doors For Your Home

Selecting A Residential Garage Door in Abilene, Stephenville, Brownwood, and Granbury

Your Garage Door Lifestyle

A garage door is part structure, part style, and part access. When choosing a garage door you need to consider how your family will be using the area. An infrequently used storage area needs a different function and a busy home entry point. A garage door that you use several times a day has different needs for opening and access that one you might use once a week. Consider your lifestyle when you start making plans. We can help guide you.


Your Garage Door Style

Your garage door is usually the most visible portion of your home from the street. Your curb appeal is strongly impacted by your garage door’s appearance. Make sure the style, color, and general look of your garage door fits the look you want for your home.

Your Garage Door Function

The function of your space determines the need of your door. We have built entire rooms with doors around them for indoor/outdoor living spaces. Other times, a door will simply open so you can park your car. The function of the space is a big player on how your garage doors need to look as well as how they function with openers, insulation, windows, and access controls.

Your Garage Door LocationO-RD-Carriage-House-308-flat

Doors are impacted by their location for function and comfort. A south facing garage, for example, will heat up quickly in the summer. Using the right kind of garage door can help to minimize that problem. Strong wind can also damage garage doors. We have great solutions for doors in warm, sunny areas as well as those in high wind. Let us help you get the most from your new garage door.

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