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Gate Openers and Operators

Overhead Door Company of Abilene, Brownwood, Stephenville, and Granbury

From simple access gates to complete security gate systems, we can handle any installation or repair need you have.

Single Family Homes

Home access control is more than just a gate. You need the ability to securely close and lock your game at the press of a button with a remote control or even a wall switch in your home. Other accessories are available for voice and even video conferencing with a person outside of your gate. Most importantly, however, you need a gate operator that can handle the functional needs of your gate opening and closing day in and day out.

Rural Applications

Rural gate openers have a unique set of requirements whether it is powering the gate where there is no grid power or designing a system to keep animals from causing damage. We specialize in tricky gate operations with the most sturdy equipment and professional technicians.


Commercial Applications

Commercial environments bring a new set of demands for any gate operator. We have configured many different types of gate controls over the years and can custom design a system for your needs. Common applications for apartment buildings are entry points with keypads and exits with motion sensors. These units are under heavy use around the clock and need to be designed accordingly. Call us today to start the process of designing your commercial gate application.

Access Controls

Getting in and out of your gate is important, but controlling who is getting in and out might be the most important consideration. Gate access controls come in a variety of formats today including remote controls, keypads, and wall switches. Multiple access devices can be programmed to a single gate operator including some of the built in systems in many modern cars. Our experienced staff can help you determine the right gate opener to meet your needs.

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