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Commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors have similar considerations as residential garage doors, but they differ slightly by the needs in busy commercial locations. Steel overhead doors are very popular options for businesses, but wood doors can bebest suited for commercial buildings with wood construction for function as well as looks.

What to consider when buying a commercial garage door

Insulation. This is very important to take into consideration especially if your shop or garage is not heated. Most doors are designed in a way that prevents hot and cold air for coming in very effectively. If you have mixed space inside with office and warehouse you certainly want well insulated garage doors. Good garage door insulation prevents the temperature extremes that the outdoor seasons bring.

Weather safety. Due to weather changes, make sure the door has protection against strong winds, ice, and other conditions of bad weather. Having a door made to withstand your weather will save headaches with breakdowns and repairs.

Security. Your new garage door should be able to protect what is in the building. While most commercial garage doors are hard to break into, some determined thieves may still try to find their way in. It is important to make a good choice of a secure door. Professionally installed garage doors are more trustworthy with quality locks that will keep everything secure.

Keeping costs low. Every business has a maintenance budget that needs to be kept. You want to make sure that the new garage doors fall within the budget for the initial purchase as well as maintenance and repair. We can come out and make a plan with you for the best solutions before any purchases take place. We provide free written estimates anytime.

Before buying a commercial garage door, select the type that fits your project. Below is a guide to some of the garage doors for commercial purposes.

Sectional doors

Sectional garage doors are appropriate when security and thermal efficiency are a concern. Also if there is need of visibility or light, or for aesthetic purposes. These doors operate quietly and look great. Depending on the application, the door may require significant headroom or backroom, but we can help you make that determination by looking at your building and door needs.

Rolling doors

They are appropriate in environments that require maximum security and durability. They are able to fit in tight spaces where sectional doors may not fit. This is because of minimal headroom, sideroom and backroom requirements. The rolling door family includes counter shutters and service doors. They are constructed of interlocking slats that wind around the barrel.

Fire doors

Fire doors are required by some local codes for certain applications, but not all doors need to be fire rated. These doors are designed to close automatically at above a set temperature threshold and block fire for enough time that help can arrive.

At Overhead Door Company we want to help you find the right door for your needs. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free estimate.