4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage

Garage Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning: everybody dreads it, but everybody needs to do it (or at least we hope you do). One of the items on everyone’s spring cleaning list is the garage, and it’s usually the last on the list to get done because it is the worst. Winter, particularly in colder climates, can cause your garage floor surface to get dirty. 

Clutter builds up to the point where your garage looks more like an attic than a place to store your vehicles. Even worse, the functioning of your overhead garage door might not be up to par because the weather to do the maintenance just wasn’t all that great. Regardless of your reason for dreading the spring cleaning of your garage, Overhead Door is here with a list of tips and tricks to make your chores a little easier.

Remove the Clutter

Before you do the more essential tasks, it’s always vital that you remove the clutter from your garage. Cardboard boxes, gardening tools, tires, anything that can get in your way or that you don’t want to be damaged should be removed! Throw away what you don’t need, and set aside what you want to keep so that the real work can begin! 

The excellent news about spring cleaning your garage in warmer climates is that removing clutter may be all you have to do! Regardless of where you live, it is always a good idea to get rid of things you don’t need. If there is a lot of foot traffic through your garage, you could be eliminating the possibility of serious injury.

Clean the Garage Floor

Dirt, dust, grime, and worst of all, harsh chemicals, will find their way to the surface of your garage floor, should you use that area for storage of your cars. While chemical stains might not seem like a serious problem at first, since you never walk in those areas, they can become severe risks for your vehicles’ health and even your family.

Health risks aside, a dirty garage floor stained with substances like motor oil can also be a legitimate deterrent for people showing interest in buying your property when it comes time to sell. Your realtor may go as far as to suggest that you completely replace your garage floor. Cement work is not cheap, so avoid this situation entirely by doing a little more during your garage spring cleaning!

Avoid oil and chemical stains by having your floor pressure washed each spring! Note that not all garage floors should be cleaned the same way, so do some research before attempting to remove any debris from winter!

Clean Your Garage Door

One of the essential spring cleaning chores you can do is cleaning your garage door. Now, we aren’t talking about the physical door itself (obviously, if that is visibly dirty, you’ll want to give it a clean), but the moving parts that make it work. 

When it comes to cleaning your garage door’s moving parts, a little lubrication applied regularly to the essential elements of the door can go a long way. You’re going to want to make sure that things like torsion springs, tracks, wheels, etc., are cleaned and lubricated. You’re also going to want to make certain these parts are free of rust and warping! Rust and warping are terrible signs of future problems!

Call Overhead Door

While some of the more mundane cleaning tasks like removing clutter can be done by yourself, the more complicated tasks like cleaning the garage door should be left up to the professionals. Maintenance on things like the torsion spring might seem simple enough, but are actually very complicated and can even lead to serious bodily harm. 

Give Overhead Door Company of Abilene™ a call, and we will give you all of the information you need to know about maintaining your garage and garage door!

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