What You Need for the Quietest Garage Doors

Loud garage doors are inconvenient. Nobody wants to be responsible for waking up a family member from a nap every time they open and close the garage door. Luckily, there are now much quieter garage door options. 

Upgrades and maintenance checks can be a great start to making your garage door quieter. Here are some ways that we at The Overhead Door Company® can help give you the quietest garage door. 

Make Sure Your Using the Right Motor

The best way to get a quiet garage door is to make sure the garage door opener is operating with the right motor and drive. There’s different types of motor and drive depending on the size and use of the door. First, let’s talk about garage door opener motors.

There’s two types of garage door opener motors. The first type is an AC motor. Garage doors using an AC motor usually require more parts and components, causing them to be larger and louder.

The second type of motor is a DC motor. DC motors are typically smoother, without compromising power. They’re lighter and have more features, which helps make them the quietest garage door opener motor option.

If you’re wanting the quietest garage door possible, then you should be using a DC motor on your garage door opener. If you’re not sure what type of motor you currently have, or if you want to upgrade your garage door opener, contact The Overhead Door Company®.

Pick the Right Drive Type

Like we mentioned above, picking the right drive type for your garage door opener can help create the quietest garage door for your home. The drive refers to how the garage door moves along the guide when opening and closing. There’s three main drive types: chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. 

If you have large garage doors that require a lot of power, then screw drive is the best option. They operate the fastest and have the most power of the garage door opener drive types. Chain drives are a very common type of garage door opener drive. They’re reliable and sometimes the cheaper option among drive types.

However, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably wanting to know what’s the quietest garage door opener drive. Belt drives are going to be the best option for creating the quietest garage door. The belt drive uses a reinforced steel rubber belt, which allows it to operate more smoothly and reduce noise.

Chain drives are the common drive found in residential garage door openers. However, if you’re wanting to create a quieter garage door, The Overhead Door Company® recommends upgrading to a belt drive garage door opener.

Get Your Door Serviced Regularly

A belt drive and DC motor only help if everything else is also working properly. Making sure all moving parts are properly lubricated and all parts are properly installed and tightened can help the door run more smoothly. The better the door is operating, the less likely it is to make loud or weird noises.

If you’re wanting a quieter garage door, then make sure you’re having it serviced regularly. We at The Overhead Door Company® provide routine maintenance and servicing to help keep your garage door in good condition.

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