Everything You Need to Know about Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Hurricane season is here, and what was tucked away in the back of everyone’s minds for the past several months is now once again a reality. As we run through our checklists for measures to protect our property, one we can never forget about is the garage door!

Whether you’re looking to buy your first garage door or bolster your current one, The Overhead Door Company® of Abilene™ has decided to put a list of things to consider as the winds pick up!

What Makes a Garage Door Hurricane-Proof?

Hurricane-proof garage doors designed with steel and fiberglass and are strong enough to withstand massive impacts that imitate winds of that weather magnitude. In the testing phase of developing these garage doors, objects are launched at the steel and fiberglass at more than 130 miles per hour. However, making a garage door hurricane proof doesn’t stop there.

The tracking systems on hurricane-proof garage doors are also designed with thicker steel. When a door of this size has to deal with significant wind speeds, all system parts must work together to prevent bending and warping. If this occurs, the door will have to be replaced, and the winds outside will have enough to do significant damage to your garage and the rest of your home.

Can You Do Anything to Hurricane-proof Your Current Garage Door?

Yes. Property owners can bolster their garage doors against heavy winds with hurricane panels and braces.

Hurricane panels are similar to hurricane shutters because they are installed in the front of your garage door. These turn regular garage doors into hurricane-proof garage doors using similar design principles. A good hurricane panel will be made from thick aluminum, steel, etc.

Hurricane braces are installed in preparation for a hurricane to hit your property. Again, the principle behind these braces is to turn your garage door into a hurricane-proof garage door.

Hurricane braces are installed inside the garage door, in all directions, vertical and horizontal, to provide maximum wind load distribution. The final piece is establishing the braces into anchors rooted in a more robust, stable garage surface. This could be the walls of your garage or the cement floor—anything that gives the braces the support needed to do their job. Hurricane braces tend to be thick aluminum or steel.

What is the Easiest Way to Prep Your Garage Door for a Hurricane?

Buy a hurricane-proof garage door! Braces work, and hurricane panels are adequate; the problem is they need to be installed properly. The only way to know they were put up properly is to pay professionals, which costs money.

Hurricane-proof garage doors are more expensive, but they work, and you don’t have to install them every time hurricane season rolls around.

Where can I get Hurricane-proof Garage Doors?

From The Overhead Door Company® of Abilene™, of course! We have a massive selection of hurricane-proof garage doors that fit every home style. We also have the expertise to match the effectiveness of the doors we sell since we can trace our business back to the early 1920s. You can find our wide selection of hurricane-proof garage doors on our website! And you can also get in contact with The Overhead Door Company of Abilene™ on our website or by phone!

Don’t wait! If hurricane season isn’t already upon us, it is on its way. Contact us now, and we’ll be able to prepare you for anything, so when the worst does come, you will be ready with one of our hurricane-proof garage doors.

Hurry now! We want to make sure your property is protected and what you love. Give us a call, or visit our website to start the process of buying a hurricane-proof garage door!

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