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Many people take it for granted, even though life would be difficult without it. They use it every day, yet they only think twice about it—when they open it and close it. Can you guess what we are talking about? Probably, since you’re on our website. But, if you somehow still aren’t sure, it’s the garage door!

The garage door serves many purposes that we don’t stop and take a minute out of our day to appreciate. It protects our cars from unsavory weather. They seal our homes, keeping intruders away. If chosen correctly, garage doors can even be a significant selling point for a house when it comes time to put it on the market. However, people still don’t know many things about this important home feature. Here are a few facts you might not know about your garage door!

The Garage Door is probably the most Popular Entrance to Your Home

Over 65% of people use their garage door more than their front door. Think about it! How often do you use your front door if your garage connects to your house? Exactly! All the more reason to appreciate the role your garage door has in your life.

Modern Garage Doors can last more than 20 Years, but…

…Regular maintenance is required! 

What does this include:

  • Making sure that the moving parts of the door are correctly oiled
  • Keeping bolts and screws tightened
  • Sealing against wind and moisture 
  • Keeping rollers in good shape 
  • Tracks aren’t bent or warped
  • The torsion spring is adjusted correctly 

The list keeps going, but you get the idea—putting in the work to maintain a door takes quite a bit of time and effort. Lucky for you, one call to Overhead Door Company of Abilene™, and our technicians can make sure everything is working correctly with one easy-to-make appointment

Garage Doors really do Sell Your House!

Yes, we talked about this in the introduction, but did you know that most realtors, on average, will recommend people replace their garage doors before listing a home on the market? If you think about it, the garage door is one of the first things a person sees when looking at a house.

Investing in a garage door that is in-style, well-made, and suited to the look of your house will always bring a significant return on investment. It may even be the deciding factor between if your home sells or your neighbor’s. It could also be a contender in raising your asking price, as garage doors are an essential home feature, especially in colder climates.

The First Modern Garage Doors were Invented in 1921… by US!

C.G. Johnson invented the first upward-acting garage door back in the roaring 20s—now a century ago. He rode the momentum from the popularity of his invention to found what would become the Overhead Door Corporation, which is now Overhead Door! You can check out more about our history here!

A Total Workhorse

The average garage door tends to open and close more than five times per day—averaging out to more than 1,500 times per year. This is why it’s vital you contact us for regular maintenance, or if you start noticing any problems.

Give Us a Call!

It’s easy to take the modern garage door for granted. It only has two functions—opening and closing. But it turns out those two functions mean a whole lot more to us than we realize. They can mean the difference between selling or not selling a home. They also serve as the most-used entrance to the place we feel most safe and comfortable—home.

At Overhead Door, we created and developed the first of these doors back in the 1920s, so we see it as our responsibility to help people with anything they might need in regards to them. Because to us, they aren’t just a door; they’re an Overhead Door.

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